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More than 3,500 students in the Republican Palace ..!


The Presidential Palace hosted more than 3,500 students. The fifth day of Independence Week, during which Baabda Palace opened its doors to students from different regions, participated in interactive activities that gave birth to the 75th anniversary of independence.

The activities organized by the National Commission for Lebanese Women's Affairs and Civil Society Associations and Institutions have turned into workshops where students learn about the concept of citizenship and the importance of promoting loyalty to the country on the one hand and the most important characteristics of the good citizen and his duties and rights, on the other.

The first Lebanese
The first woman in Lebanon, Nadia Al-Shami Aoun, wanted to join the students and accompany them in their tournaments and activities. "Their love for their country and their aspiration to see the darkest image of Lebanon, besides the culture and wealth of their subjects. The environment and animal welfare, the need to combat addiction, pest protection and acceptance by others greatly contributes to implementing the idea of ​​integrating people with special needs into different schools and Lebanese society as a whole.

President of the Republic
At the end of each round, President Aoun left his office to meet the students, receive them, and then take pictures of the President of the Republic and Lebanese First.

Words on behalf of the students
Some students spoke of their joy to visit the presidential palace for the first time, thanking Aoun and the first Lebanese woman to open the palace doors in front of them.

In this context, today was a speech to Daria's school, an average mixed official, confirmed that President Aoun "is best to bear heavy responsibilities, your wisdom is to heal wounds … Our country needs urgent to your consciousness and anticipation "while the students of Louis Hazmieh" President Aoun to live together and to achieve the goal together, which is preserving and by your presence at the top of the pyramid on the components of mankind to keep the stone and human beings.

The administration and students of St. George's schools – the event in a speech, "are at the disposal of the President of the Republic to build a fair and transparent equitable society for Lebanon for all."

Mar Mansour de Surori School Students Benefactors of the faith have affirmed their confidence "in the wisdom of President Aoun and his conscious awareness of overcoming difficulties, implementing the Constitution, making home impossible and moving to the beach to build the state of the institutions under sovereignty, freedom and full independence of Mubarak and Najas. "

"We are proud and honored to visit the Presidential Palace during the reign of President Aoun and thank you for warm welcome to us and the various schools. We are committed to establishing our students to love the country," said Nassif Aoun.

Within an educational program, students' activities were divided into ten themes: patriotism, ethics and labeling, anti-aggression, the public sector, nature and animal protection, gender equality, integration and the prevention of addiction. Leadership Spirit and Emotional Intelligence.

In this context, the Association presented an explanation of the significance and importance of integration. The students were divided into two groups and changed the most important ideas gained during the explanation: They presented their own initiatives to help integrate and accepts people with special needs in society.

With regard to environmental protection, students have listened to the importance of recycling in this area and how it has been implemented by the Arcenciel Association, whose representative has expressed his congratulations "to students of culture and environmental awareness in the field of environmental protection against pollution ", noting that" Solving the Lebanon waste problem is one of the most important aspirations of students. "

On the other hand, the interest of students in the subject of animal protection, which was explained by the animals in Lebanon, was highlighted by the Law on the Protection of Animals, signed by the President of the Republic. The students also learned about the types of wild animals and the need to keep them, The stray dogs.

The representatives of the association expressed their surprise with "informing the students and the progress in this field".

Associations and institutions
The most important associations and institutions that have organized activities during the five days are "Lebanon Animals", "Arcenciel", "Eti", "Children", "Love Love Liban", "LOYAC" Luisah University, Um Al Nour , Swiftshift and Learn for Lebanon.

Student Delegations
The schools participating in the last day of Independence Week are: Mar Mansour School for the Baznasia Sisters – Biscanta, George – Al-Hadad, International School Bekaa – Shamstar, LWIS Central Beirut, Daria Official School, LWIS Hazmieh (29 students) School of Sisters of the Holy Family, Sahel Alma, Mariamiani Brothers School, Chanville Dik El Mahdy and Achrafieh School of Wisdom .

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