Monday , September 26 2022

Most countries holding gold in the world .. "America has 8144 tons"


Dubai – By محمد فارس © Available by Future for Publishing, Distributing & Press gold

Its prices have risen dramatically in the last period that people bought to buy with the economic situation of most countries, but there are countries that have "gold", becoming precious metals in the forefront.

1_ United States

America has 8144 tons of gold, or about 73% of foreign exchange reserves.

2_ Germany

It holds 3370 tons of gold, or about 69% of foreign exchange reserves.

3_ Italy

Rome has 2452 tons of gold, according to the "Man" site.

4_ France

France has 2436 tons of gold.


Russia has 2,036 tons of gold.

6_ China

China has 1841 tons of gold.

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