Friday , March 31 2023

Surprise. The mother of the "Noura solution" broadcast live video after announcing the latest deaths


In a great surprise, Kuwait's mother of artists, Hala Noura, came out in a live video to falsify the news about alleged death, published by her daughter on the Instagram profile page.

Her mother, Fathia al-Kilani, expressed her sadness in the act of her strange daughter, saying, "Praise me to God, I am alive and well, and now I am in Palestine.

And she felt her mother acted as a criminal act in terms of fame or dimension, saying: "If the size or reason of unity for that .. What becomes a girl in the world bury her mother is Aisha's life"

A solution published the news of her mother's death on Instagram, saying: "I moved to the mercy of God, my mother Fethia Mohammed Kilani. Wait for God. If they have suffered a misfortune told God and we return to him.

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