Thursday , March 23 2023

The Council of Patriarchs: Interventions and Interests The failure of Lebanese authoritarianism is covered by sectarianism and dissolution by independent universities


The Council of Patriarchs and Catholic Bishops responded to the failure of the new government's declaration of "losing mutual trust, the absence of internal unity and the tyranny of special interests, in addition to external intervention." He dedicated part of the final communiqué of the 52nd Annual Session, held between 12-16 November under the leadership of the marbled patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros-Ra'ani, led by the University of Lebanon, "who drowning today within the sectarian and sectarian limits, can reach exclusivity and exclusion. "

"Without trust, unity and impartiality, political officials appear as if they do not want to build a rule of law and social justice, because they are contrary to their gains, influence and leadership, and are indifferent to the suffering of the people to whom they have been given the public authority to deal with. "

He praised the "historic reconciliation" that took place a few days ago in the care of the sponsor, between the head of the Marada movement Suleiman Franjieh and the leader of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea and the document issued by them hoping that the reconciliation will include all the Lebanese parties, which is the basic entry to restore mutual trust between the Lebanese and to break out of our successive political crises that cause economic decline, life and development. "

"The Council of Patriarchs and Catholic Bishops regretted" the violation of public freedoms at the university, the strike against the Charter, the violation of national equilibrium and academic norms, the violation of its independence and the flagrant interference in the work of the Lebanese university. Academic schools. "He urged high-level officials to" speed up the establishment of the university complexes set out in the Council of Ministers decision of May 5, 2008, and move forward to the choice of independent, academic and academic Lebanese universities, Academic. "

He urged the international community and the countries concerned "to stop the war, to achieve a comprehensive and just peace and to work seriously on the return of displaced persons, refugees, abductees and deportees to their countries, their homes and their properties."

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