Monday , August 15 2022

The Military Parade Process on the occasion of the 75th Lebanon Independence Day


The feast commenced on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day for Lebanon, which took place on Shafiq Al Wazzan Boulevard in downtown Beirut, with Army Army arrival at the military parade followed by Army Commander Arrival, General Joseph, Minister of National Defense Yacoub Riyad Al Sarraf, the Prime Minister appointed Saad Hariri, MPs Nabih Berri and President Michel Aoun, who coincided with the arrival of 21 shellfish from the sea.

Then a group of military helicopters carrying the Lebanese flag and the army emblem passed a group of Bell squadrons, a Gazelle squadron, a group of Puma helicopter squadrons.

The launch of the military parade was announced with the launch of the balloons wearing the colors of the Lebanese flag.

The military units that participated are in order: the Army Flag, the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces, the General Directorate for Public Security, the General State Security Department, the General Directorate of Customs.

The UNIFIL forces, established on 12 May 1921 in Damascus, the land forces represented by the School of Education, which was established on 1/3/1967, the naval forces, which was established in 1950, the Air Force, which was established on 10.06. 1949, the Institute of Education, founded on August 7, 1961, the Republican Guard Brigade created the Republican Guards feminine section on 14/5/1984.

1 Infantry Brigade, 2 Infantry Brigade, 4 Infantry Brigade, 5 Infantry Brigade, 6 Infantry Brigade, 7 Infantry Brigade, 8 Infantry Brigade, 9 Infantry Brigade, 10 Infantry Brigade, 11 Infantry Brigade, Infantry Brigade 12.

General Public Security Directorate, State Security General Directorate, Public Security Directorate, Public Security Directorate General, Public Security Directorate, Military General Directorate, Military Sports Center, Ski School, Fire Brigade, Lebanese Armed Forces Veterans Association , Trade Unions and Engineering, Libanese Bank Group, Olympic Committee Group, Lebanese Union of Lebanese Lebanese Future Group AMAT, naval training in the basin of the naval base.

Then there was a passage for the participating units at a sporting pace: the commando regiment was set up in October 1966, the antiterrorism and espionage regiment was set up at the time of its establishment in 1972, the regiment of the regiment established on 29/9/1992, the command of the sea was established on 1/6/1997 A cavalry from the General Directorate of the Homeland Security Forces.

Following are the passages of the participating units: first artillery – 155 mm self-propelled artillery, 2 artillery regiment – 122 mm rocket launchers, mounted regiment – UTV mechanisms, 4th intervention regiment – M113 troop carriers, support brigade, – Armored Regiment, Military Police – Fab Tanks, Magawyer Regiment – Cavalry Regiment Squadron, Recall Squadron – Bradley Recognition Squadron, First Armored Regiment – M60 Tank, Artillery Regiment 1 – 155mm Self-Propelled Gun, Artillery Regiment Secondly – 122 mm rocket launchers, regiment regiment – UTV mechanisms, unity of political forces Among the forces performing control mechanisms, intervention disruptions Division Amuallomat-protection, a group of security forces horsemen, fire brigade, defense Civil War, Music of the Red Cross Red Cross, Musical Army a.

The presentation was completed with an air training consisting of a super tucano squadron and a series of Cessna aircraft.

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