Monday , March 20 2023

The scene is terrifying in an emergency and there are people dying in their homes


The director of health care at the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Joseph El-Helou, said that the pressure on hospitals is very high for patients with Corona and diseases other than Corona and that there is high pressure and congestion and very few vacancies, and we we’re trying with the health minister. In the interim government, Hamad Hassan, we can find a free shop for a regular patient or a coronavirus patient in hospitals.

He announced that “we receive hundreds of calls from people who want to find vacancies in hospitals, or even a place in emergencies, even if we inform them that the patient will stay 5 hours or 10 hours or even 24 hours to emptied a bed, and today we found 41 people who are in emergency situations waiting. They are hospitalized, the scene is terrifying in case of emergency “.

The director of health care at the Ministry of Health called for “the suspension of all social events, which is a shame, we can no longer tolerate, medical staff are exhausted, never joke, there are those who fear death in their home, and there are those they die at home, and there are those who have lost oxygen from their bottles. Homeowner. “

He added: “We are a class people who must respect and leave the house only in case of extreme necessity and we hope that the ministries will implement the decisions strictly.”

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