Thursday , March 30 2023

We will not allow our return to the Middle Ages


Chief of the People's Bloc Miriam Skaf expressed support for the bloc and its support for Zahlia's work that works on the electricity file during the Commission's delegation visit to the block offices in its tour of events.

Also, the delegation of the 24/24 Electricity Reform Monitoring Committee, the President of the People's Bloc, in the atmosphere of the movement to be held on November 12, in connection with the legislative session of the House of Representatives, which included in the proposal of the agenda of the Accelerated Accelerated Accelerated Draft Law presented by some Zahle MPs to extend the concession of Zahle Electricity Company for two years.

The delegation of the Zahlia Committee underlined that the People's Bloc and Beit Skaf did not neglect the citizens' problems one day, and they faced their demands in front of them both in the street and in the official institutions. The delegation wanted to point out that the Skaff family and the whole of history were the only political house that gives the state and does not take it. A red line and no bargain on it.

In turn, Skaf expressed his support for solidarity with the demands of Zahle's people and judges. "The bloc will actively participate in this move Monday at 11:00 in front of Zahle Electricity," she said.

Scaff was surprised by the power movement to extract the light of the only brilliant city in Lebanese cities that suffer from legalization and perpetual darkness. Considering that "those who have failed to solve the electricity crisis in time do not have the right to individuality through a decision imposed on the Zahla back into the Middle Ages."

"The state and the alternative to permanent power crisis solutions are easier to allocate by ships and on stage by borrowing legislation on fuels and generators and has hit the last lighthouse in Lebanon today, which has given a model for the rest of the cities."

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