Wednesday , March 29 2023

What does updating WhatsApp policy for users mean?


“WhatsApp” has announced the update of the conditions related to the privacy policy governing the operation of the application, because users who want to continue using the application must agree with them.

The new privacy policy announcement raised many questions among users about how WhatsApp uses its data and the mechanisms that allow businesses to benefit from this information, especially when it comes to sharing data with Facebook.

What has changed in the privacy policy?

WhatsApp messages will remain, according to the GadgetsNow site, specialized in technical, encrypted news, which means that messages and conversations will remain safe.

A message from the application administration appears to “WhatsApp” users explaining that basic updates are being made that include more information about the application service, how user data is processed and how companies can use the services hosted on “Facebook” to store their chat on “WhatsApp”, as well as Information on how to partner with the social media site to provide information on integration into Facebook products.

What data will WhatsApp collect?

In terms of device data and hardware, WhatsApp will collect information such as battery, internet signal strength, app version, browsers, phone network, contact information, including phone number, mobile operator and service provider. Internet.

In addition, data such as language, calendar, internet server address and any previous connections to the device or user account with any of the “Facebook” services will be collected.

What information will WhatsApp share with Facebook?

The new privacy policy provides for the sharing of your phone number, server address and mobile phone data with Facebook.

In addition, the data that WhatsApp will share with Facebook includes information about services, account registration and how to interact with others.

The change also included in the policy, which was described as “information that we collect following a prior notification to you or with your consent, without further clarification.”

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