Tuesday , January 26 2021

Apple Flagship for a lower price: iPhone XR Review

Last year, Apple introduced three iPhone models and it seems that the manufacturer of this tradition will look to the future.

In 2017, the third was the most expensive iPhone X, and this year is the cheapest iPhone XR. According to Varle.lt mobile telephony specialists, the iPhone XR has the same features as the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, but there are several reasons why it costs even 300 euros less than the Xs.

Design and display

As a rule, Apple offers more cost-effective models for body color options. These traditions have not changed the iPhone XR. The manufacturer offers "XR" red, white, yellow, coral, blue and black XR models. For comparison: Xs and Xs Max offer only three color variations.

The XR back side of the iPhone looks like the iPhone 8. This design solution is linked to the single-lens camera that extends easily from the body. Immediately, it should be stressed that there is no need to underestimate its possibilities just because it is not doubled. It has the same features as dual Xs and Xs Max cameras. The iPhone XR has a FaceID feature that is about one second faster.

The aluminum frame around the edges and the glass itself creates an impression of truly durable body elements. You can say goodbye to your touch ID. The short frames and Home button disappeared here. The design of the iPhone XR is very similar to the iPhone X, but there are some differences in this way. The frames around the screen are thicker here, and this gives XR a cheaper design hue. But, however, the edges here are much thinner than the iPhone 8.

Large 6.1 inches The diagonal screen results in the size of the iPhone's XR model, reaching a 5.8 inch mid-angle. Iphone Xs and 6.5-inch XShone XS Max models. The phone is really handy to hold in, it does not seem cumbersome. Unlike most other iPhones this year, the XR has a Liquid Retina display that has a resolution of 1792 × 828 (326 pixels per inch). In fact, the resolution is not very high, but the content on the screen looks bright and bright. The screen has TrueTone technology, which determines that the color of the panel adapts to ambient light.

The iPhone XR is not Apple's pilot but, according to Varle.lt specialists, most people who buy this smartphone will be happy with it. The phone also has an IP67 protection against water, so the phone can stay up to one meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

Outstanding performance

All 2018 IPhone has a six-core B-series A12 processor. So far, this is the most powerful ARM processor. System chips have two high performance cores and four energy-efficient cores, a 4-core processor and a 8 core co-processor. Generic chips can process 5 trillion operations per second.

These are impressive performance results, which means that the iPhone XR will be able to easily cope with all the challenges it has. We tested the phone in multiple games (Elder Scrolls: Blades and ARKit 2.0) and we can say there is no problem with games and graphics. Fast and smooth performance. It should be noted that users can choose from three storage options: 64, 128 or 256 GB. The iPhone XR has 3 GB of RAM.

IOS 12 and battery

After removing the Home button for browsing the operating system, you need to use the gestures that first appeared with the iPhone X. Generally, it all works smoothly and effortlessly. The iPhone XR runs on the iOS 12 operating system. According to the manufacturer, iPhone XR should work for up to 1.5 hours. more than iPhone 8 Plus. This statement seems to be true in reality because the phone battery can survive the day. Of course, if there is not a watch or movie for the main daily use. The phone batteries are sufficient for 25 hours of 3G talk, up to 3 hours. using the Internet and up to 16 hours of video playback (wireless). With an average battery life, the iPhone XR battery can survive for up to two days. According to Varle.lt telephony users, this is undoubtedly one of the largest iPhone off-the-shelf devices. The iPhone XR supports wireless charging. It is true that the kit contains only a standard charger. The smartphone also supports a fast charging feature that lets you charge up to 50% of your device. In just 30 minutes, we only have a standard charger in the kit.

Big room

The iPhone XR has the same 12-megapixel camera with AF / 1.8 diaphragm and optical image stabilization like the iPhone Xs. Compared to last year's models, the iPhone XR camera has new sensors that need to deliver better picture quality. Despite the fact that the hero of this review has a single camera behind, Apple offered a portrait mode similar to Google on Pixel 2. Of course, the photos are not as impressive as dual camera photos with Xs and Xs Max , but they also look impeccable. The smart phone can accurately detect the edges around the human face, and therefore the background flood effect is bright enough. Here, we also have access to the Portrait Lighting feature introduced last year by Apple on the iPhone X. When you capture a frame, you can change the depth of the field. Some smart Android people have long had this feature, but it is very nice to see that it is now equipped with a cheaper model for the iPhone.

Smart HDR is a completely new feature that captures multiple photos at once. Thanks to the Bionic A12 processor, it selects the best elements of each frame and creates a photo with a magnificent dynamic range. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the images have insufficient or too high exposure under dynamic lighting conditions.

7 Megapixel Front F / F2 2.2 Front Camera The TrueDepth technology, using FaceID, is stunning in its quality. This smart player lets you create Animation and Memois. The camera works very fast, the quality of the pens is high.

Compared to iPhone X, iPhone XR has improved video capability. By default, the 1080p resolution is set to 30 frames per second and the camera uses the Smart HDR analog technique. IPhone XR can also record at 4K at 60 frames per second. Movies come in very good quality, even in poor lighting conditions. The iPhone also finally learned to record the sound in stereo.


The main disadvantages of the iPhone XR are: the design is frayed around the screen and there are no double rooms. The most important advantages of this model are: fantastic performance, large bright screen, high quality camera and a variety of color options. The iPhone XR is much cheaper than the current brothers Xs and Xs Max. Summing up the review, Varle.lt specialists say it's a great option for people looking for the flagship features of the iPhone, but they do not want to pay for Xs.

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