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At the #FashionInTheMaking event, Artūras Zabas-Beissoul revealed a scandalous attitude to fashion and remembered the way to Vogue


Artūras Žabas-Beissoul is surprised not only by his music but also by an exceptional image. Love for music and fashion has led to the combination of two creative phenomena in one, Electrofashion – a combination of fashion, music and self-realization – a fashion that speaks music, fashionable music – so the interpreter can describe this vocabulary.

Artūras Žabas-Beissoul / Photo by Paulius Peleckis

Artūras Žabas-Beissoul / Photo by Paulius Peleckis

The artist says he was always individualistic and that the path to the creative world was not easy. His stage clothes are often shocking, and in group sessions it is often possible to see mysticism, non-standardized decisions, deep reflections or even allegories of death: "I try to never do what is not interesting, what matters is unseen and untouched by me, and therefore the spectator is shocked. I create and fulfill my picturesque clothes, all the costumes are made of complicated materials, often non-existent and designed for construction – these are complicated mechanisms, unlimited fantasy and avant-garde. skin, through which I express my individuality and the message of the world. "

Asked how he, together with another member of the group, Einium, managed to get the first place for the prestigious Vogue, Arthur Zub-Beissoul says that he always tends to turn his dreams into reality, so it was an experiment and an agreement on who managed to get the pages of the prestigious magazine Vogue: "We have committed to achieve this goal in half a year and we have succeeded. We have become familiar with and started communicating with people from foreign countries, organized a group exhibition in Ukraine and I noticed.

Artūras Žabas-Beissoul and Marya Palaikytė / Photograph by Paulius Peleckis

Artūras Žabas-Beissoul and Marya Palaikytė / Photograph by Paulius Peleckis

The photo session was avant-garde because Vogue gives priority to individuality and exclusivity, they immediately wanted to publish it. We were the first musicians who got there – I realized that everything was possible. It is only necessary to know how to define the limits, to have a clear purpose and to learn to say something. "

The plans and mission of the next artist is to host a band concert on April 27 at Siemens Arena, not only with new works, but also with avant-garde and sophisticated designer costumes. According to the artist, it is always important for the band to renew and re-shock each time.

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