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By combating prices, Saulius Skvernelis can boil its popularity


According to his team, the prime minister has recently come to the conclusion that food prices are objective. S. Skvernelis demonstrates determination and determination. Scientists say that this time, the convenient price issue due to inappropriate communication may end with the burning of Prime Minister's popularity.

A study by the Kantar TNS data and research company revealed: The leader is the most acceptable for the inhabitants of Lithuania, who are appreciated, showing self-confidence, not necessarily reasonably, but necessarily loud. And here the prime minister still wins. There are still many people in Lithuania who really want the government to take care of them, they will be their employer and a politician who will allow them to understand that they see people's problems, it enters into them, sometimes it is enough – to express their concern.

Not as much joy as necessity. On average, the Lithuanian citizen travels 20 times in the store a month. Similar work. According to a number of Nielsen market research companies, the frequency has not been determined by anything else, and the prices are bought less by people because they are asking for shares, they get discounts.

Public polls confirm: livelihood, what needs to be done is the greatest concern of people.

"Prices are primarily due to problems, asking each other or asking otherwise – prices are first," says Vladas Gaidys, a sociologist at Vilmorus.

Prices have attracted the attention of the Prime Minister and his team. The price issue overshadowed bats because of the budget and the imminent changes in taxes.

Statistics show that Lithuania's inflation is fixed in 2016. S. Skvernelis announced the price for the fight this summer, ending in the summer. And since then, the price issue has been ringing for about three months each week. Sometimes, in the politologists' opinion, the subject seems to be artificially escalated. But it is not by chance that he is chosen, according to communication experts.

Julius Kalinskas / 15min shots / Kęstutis Gečas

Julius Kalinskas / 15min shots / Kęstutis Gečas

"Traditionally, when campaigns are being set up, surveys are being conducted or existing surveys are analyzed, and people are" injured. "Prices are, of course, a painful subject," INK agency director says. partner Kęstutis Gečas.

Rim Urbonaitė, professor at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), a political scientist, agrees that prices are a real concern for people.

"People, of course, are very worried and worried, and first of all, what do they look for? They follow power, can they help me? And if only the government can solve such a difficult problem, governments will be pleased and will thank strong and even could pave the way, a successful way for other elections. That is, I think this escalation is by no means only ", – says a politologist.

Politicians, according to a public relations specialist, always want lists of topics that are most relevant to the largest number of people. Traditionally, such topics include pensions, children's problems.

A politician says that most of these politicians choose subjects that feel strong, can shine, show leadership. Skiing events, such as the current scandal involving the recruitment of children, are discouraged. The spoken conversation can greatly increase the popularity of the politician.

Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min photos / Water cock

Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min photos / Water cock

Sociologist V. Gaidys looks at the Prime Minister's assessments. They are stable for about a year. Residents see S. Skvernelis among the presidential candidates – they themselves identify him in such surveys. Although S.Skvernelis did not say so or not.

"At present, the Prime Minister is the third, we will see Gitanas Nausėda, Ingrida Šimonytė and S. Skvernelis in November. And here is a pretty important moment, but that is supported by those people who are precisely those prices very important, which counts all these things. This is the candidate for those people ", – considers V. Gaidys.

The prime minister said the decisions taken now are unrelated to the upcoming elections.

"It's time for some choices to come in. Now, local elections are getting closer, but you should, apparently, seem to judge whether the question is high or what solutions are being sought." The government will approve both draft laws and government resolutions in November, and we will see that this is not about elections, "explains S.Skvernelis.

You will not be overwhelmed. Urbonaitė, a political scientist, says that it will be complicated by S. Skvernelis, who will not be able to retreat without anything. He has already pointed out that prices are important to him.

Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / Rima Urbonaitė

Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / Rima Urbonaitė

According to economists, the fall in prices can be achieved, but it takes a long time, a few years. Specialist K.Ghecas believes that people will not be patient for a long time. And next year, electricity increases, which automatically generates some, and often most, prices. The price theme in comfort can become slippery.

"Now, the price theme is high, so to say, probably the most popular three, this is the most popular trinity for all the problems, and maybe even the number one, because if they do nothing or not, in other words, a person does not feel that way, so can she do, "said a politologist.

Mr Gecas notes that a strategy can be planned to demonstrate a price fighter.

"Unless the strategy is really planned to show it as a fighter (premiere and then, of course, it will be quite a populist way – they blame others for hindering work, I really want to do , but it does not go, and so on. But this is not a constructive one, but a more populous one, "says Ghetch.

"Baltic Studies" announces that the first assessment has fallen during the month and is already more than favorable in its unfavorable assessment. According to the survey, S.Skvernëlis gave up top ten high-ranking politicians. Government low and confident. But the head of "Vilmorus," who will publish the latest survey after a week, says the prime minister is still more popular than the government himself and many ministers.

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