Thursday , June 1 2023

Close to the Švenčionys water tank is a waste bin from the bus park


According to them, the employees of the Labor Exchange dismantled the buses and buried them, engaging the company "Svirka", which for many years provided passenger transport services to the municipality.

Vytautas Bulka, director of the Svencionys Municipal Council, says the company is not involved in the dismantling of buses because it has no permission for this activity. He said the territory was leased to an old scrap buyer, and the buses that were no longer needed were removed and the other waste of the company was managed by the Waste Management Center, but the contract was denied.

After the initial excavation, Emanas Puodžiukas, head of the Environmental Protection Inspectorate of the Utena district, said the funeral of the vehicles was confirmed.

"It is obvious that not only the surface of the disassembled parts, but also the construction waste are obvious." It is a flagrant violation, "he said" Special Investigations ".

Švenčionys Mayor, Rimantas Klipčius, says the situation is well known, and authorities are conducting an investigation. However, he suspects the possible misappropriation of municipal funds.

"The possible waste that could be buried there could have been included in various documents and would have been submitted to the municipality as reasonable expenses for use, which should be eliminated," the mayor said.

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