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David Hockney's image of auction listing


Christies auction in New York for $ 93.7 million (tolls) sold by British artist David Hockney (81). Portrait of an artist (two-digit swimming pool). Krjastap is the most beloved work of the author in the world.

On the whole, the image belongs to billionaire Joe Lewis, who works for all the big Christies auctions, Sothebysbei Phillips. According to Bloomberg, 388 of the richest moguls of the world are called Mr. Lewis, whose value is 5.5 billion USD, will sell broken to increase at least 80 million. USD.

The new buyer realized the phone that was not disclosed.

On the day I was most honored, the author of the work was the most valuable one for Jeff Koons (born in 1955), whose sculpture presents an oranin balloon in the form of anointed, 2013. sold 58.4 million. USD.

Confirms the trend

Pool with Two Figures is an imaginative painting in the center of two men and a turquoise pool. According to the author, the picture collapses in three months, once I shared it with my beloved American art student Peter Schlesinger. Many believe that the painting depicts California, where the author lived not only for decades, though I'm looking for pictures of London about the swimming pool in France. The figure of a standing man is painted on pictures of the gardens of Kensington, Mr. Schlesingeris.

David Hockney talks about his homosexual emotional life in his photo. The theme of art in the world is not taboo, but the story that tells the story of that sex is never raised at such a price, according to The New York Times.

Business people say lately Hockney's labor prices grew so sweet: in 2018, Sotheby's will cost you $ 28.5 million in the 1990s Peysi landscape scenery Coastal Motorway and Santa Monica. In total, 66.6 million were collected by the author of the last auction. USD or 80% more than last year.

According to the New York Times, the Christies auction only confirmed the current trend that unconventional authors are becoming increasingly aware of changes in the art collectors' genres.

In addition, it is clear that the most famous artists have cost an unexpected turning point for prices and the buyer is forced to put a new name whose works are not so generous appreciated so far, says artistic innovations.

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