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Kaunas prosecutor's chief explains the confusion about E.Kruchinski's allegations


"The Prosecutor's Office is very distracted." It turned out to have changed suspicion a few days ago and reported now that there was a technical error. "Egle Kručinskiene is supposed to violate public order." After saying something is wrong, it turned out that back again the previous suspicion that was abandoned – because of physical pain Now E.Kručinskienė is again suspected of committing two criminal acts Both lawyer and E.Kručinskienė were shocked, 15 minutes Kručinskas family lawyer Saulius Dambrauskas said on Thursday.

The new or more precisely the old accusations came back – the physical pain caused to his child under Article 140 of the Criminal Code. On March 3rd, E.Kručinskienė's lawyer, Rūta Visocnik, came to the police commissioner Thursday.

Indeed, only after the start of the investigation, law enforcement authorities reported that they suspected that E.Kručinskienė, who claimed to have violated his two-year-old son, Panemunai Šilė, both for the breach of public order and for the provocation physical pain to a small child. However, at a news conference on November 13th, prosecutor Daiva Brudnienė assured that after the investigation had ended, allegations had changed – the woman was suspected of violating public order only.

"The final suspicion of mourning was a violation of public order." While the young man suffered physical violence in a public place, it was found that public morality was disrupted, a minor pain caused by a person remains a violation of public order If the case is brought to court, the mother is at risk of deprivation of liberty for up to two years, "D.Brudnienė said on Tuesday.

After several days, suspicions of violence against a child have been restored. Why?

"The real situation of the case has not changed The criminal trial ends when the prosecutor draws up the final document in the trial This may include both the indictment and the decision to terminate the preliminary investigation The procedures in this criminal case are not finalized At this stage, a prosecutor who organizes and conducts a prior investigation has sufficient information to be able to make such a decision.

The final suspicion of a mother was revised today. The prosecutor resigns the conclusion of the pre-trial investigation – determines the period during which the participants in the procedure may submit applications, supplement the pre-trial investigation. This deadline is until November 20th. Then the prosecutor will decide again what decision to take, "Darius Valkavičius, chief prosecutor of the Kaunas District Prosecutor's Office, said Thursday afternoon.

He clarified this already – on September 30, E. Krutinskiene received a report on the suspicion of violence against a minor (Article 140 CC). Not new, it is still valid. Subsequently, the suspicion was corrected – a statement of suspicion of an offense was filed under Article 284. (Violation of public order). Now confirm both – affirmations are merged into one.

"I think the final decision will be taken next week by the prosecutor conducting the investigation and organizing it," assured D.Valkavičius.

Asked what happened after the confirmation of suspicion Tuesday, and Thursday was already two, he replied that two suspicions had been merged.

"These two articles have always been and always stay in. It combines." Of the two documents, everything has been moved to one, and I will remain categorical – this case will not be publicly treated, if the prosecutor decides to transfer it to the court, it will be heard in Court of First Instance will not be published and factual circumstances will not be publicly treated ", – in abstract

He stressed that the allegations did not make it difficult.

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min photos / Daiva Brudniene and Darius Valkavicius

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min photos / Daiva Brudniene and Darius Valkavicius

The shadow of suspicion falls on everyone

The pre-trial investigation began on September 29, after receiving data from a passenger who saw a woman, Eglė Kručinskienė, who could be abusive against one of her children. The two-year-old boy was probably put in his hands.

The women were subject to suspicion and a preventive arrest was released – a written promise not to leave. She was also banned from communicating with her son.

When the authorities decided to take children from the family, this story received a lot of public attention.

Child rights specialists assumed that they were taken from the family because of the danger they had – blacks found at home, the family refusing to cooperate with police and child protection workers, but acknowledges that mistakes have been made in response to situation.

After the scandal, the children returned to their father, the woman was allowed to communicate with both of them.

In the public space, the information spread so that Gintaras Kručinskas, the father of the children, received accusations of violence against her eldest daughter. It is supposed that during a violence survey, the girl himself spoke against her. G. Kručinskas himself admitted that he was shot once on his daughter in the bottom, the official prosecutor's office argued for his suspicion.

At the same time, his father publicly suggested that his daughter might have been victimized by a temporary custodian. Police got these clarifications: November 9 Initial information was collected, no matter if this case deserves the case and the caretakers.

Is it like I say you drowned in there? The girl says, "We went to the stomach and we drove," I even scolded him. I say shaking? Was it painful? You are crazy "Shit," on November 7 "LNK Žinai" told G. Krucinskas.

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