Thursday , June 1 2023

Rockets recovered a defense coach, Drew stays in Cleveland by the end of the season


The contribution of specialists last year was considered to be the key to Rockets success. Bzdelikas, who missed the club for two years, helped the team to strengthen their team's weakest defenses in the past.

Upon arriving in Houston, the coach introduced a crack-based philosophy that helped Houston basketball players record the sixth best prize in all NBA championships in the 2017-18 season. In the first season of his career, Bzdelik raised the Rockets defense to the 18th position – until his arrival, Raketa won only the 21st best defense rating.

This summer, the specialist who added the weight to a record 65 victory decided to spend more time with his family and announced his retirement career. However, the reports published tonight revealed that Bzdelik solved all family problems and was ready to return to the headquarters of the Missile President.

Chief defense team coordinator and two individual defense players Trevor Arizona and Luc Mbah of Moutes lost the team after eight league matches with the best defense at just 23 positions.

The Cleveland Cavaliers Club also made an important message to his fans. Larry Drew, former coach of Tyronn Lue, replaced his former assistant Larry Drew after long negotiations to become Chief Strategy Officer for the Ohio State Club.

Drew negotiated not only a higher salary, but also a partial guarantee for the 2019-20 season. If Cavs decides to bid farewell to the coach who runs Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks during his career, the organization will have to pay him an anonymous financial compensation.

Before Tuesday's game, Cleveland's club won only one victory and experienced eight failures. This result was the worst in the NBA all the time.

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