Thursday , June 1 2023

Surprise the dreams of patients


To reduce the burden of these thoughts in small patients, representatives of the Charity and Support Foundation Gintautas Labanauskas visited the Children's Clinic of Kaunas Clinics at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

Edita Vaitkūnienė, director of the charity and support fund for the project "Stretch out a hand for a baby sick", accompanied by actress Hana Šumilaite (aunt Kūku) and a businessman from London, Daiva Mikulskienė, visited a small hospital a month ago and left an album where kids could write your wishes and dreams. "I want a Christmas and all my family to go to the pool as soon as possible", "I want a gadget," "I want a Lego plane," "I want a bear to keep the baby" … – Your dreams in letters sick children have fallen.

Antanas Medvedevienė, head of the charity foundation and support of G.Labanauskas, promised: "We will all do everything we can and we will do our best to make the wish and the dream of every little patient come true."

"We hope that our smiles will help them recover more quickly," said one of the founding fathers of the Foundation. G.Labanauskas.

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