Wednesday , May 31 2023

The mother of the deceased's child: after half a year, the baby has changed


Member of Seimas Mindaugas Puidokas is convinced that we have many problems in the child rights protection system, and some of them are repeated and scary families. He tried to prove that he had invited a mother from the Sejm Conference Hall who took a child, while three other families stayed home.

Evelina Geležiūnienė, the missing mother, says her little boy was taken from a kindergarten without knowledge of her and has lived in a family of carers for almost a year, and her mother could only meet her baby in half a year, and when took his baby, he still does not know.

"My child was taken a year ago, after hearing the story of Kručinskas, I decided to address Seimas for help. I did everything but the child was not returned due to unclear reasons, motivating the pre-trial investigation and the fact that it is not clear who is responsible for eventual return – Kaunas or Kaunas.

How many have been asked, the answer has always been bureaucratic. I think this law is repressed, damaging children, parents and families. I was not allowed to meet (with the baby) for half a year, it was said that there was no need to hurt the pre-trial investigation, and after half a year, the baby changed, "she complained.

She thinks the baby was taken from her after a conflict with the kindergarten where the baby changed her head. There were no representatives of the kindergarten who wanted this to be revealed, and after a few weeks a child was taken from her for a possible domestic violence.

A child from E. Geležiūnienė was taken by a suspect of violence and the same mother was suspected of having an investigation before the trial. My mother did not want to talk about it, but her attorney Ruta Visocnik assured that this kidnapping case is chrestomatos, according to lawyers, there are several.

"Evelina's case shows that the services have forgotten what they are and what they are doing, and they believe their work is bureaucratic to continue the process." It is terrible that parents are drawn into a bureaucratic circle that is hard to escape because not everyone can hire a lawyer, and lawyers are not so able to handle these questions day and night, "a lawyer said.

According to R. Visocnik, services should act faster and more efficiently, be more friendly to communicate with their parents and not be so cold.

"When you know the correspondence between the mother and the child's rights service, see the mother's innocence. A woman has 3 children, has work and at the same time takes care, wants to interact with a child who is taken, writes, requests, calls for meetings, but the services are silent or very bureaucratic, "said the lawyer.

She believes the services should be more open, so they do not have to ask for everything.

The lawyer is convinced that cases of domestic violence should be investigated more quickly, this should not last for one year. According to the lawyer, for a long time in the study, there is room for interpretation and manipulation, the little ones become confused, forget.

"The child does not know what he says, the subject of the pre-trial investigation is also painful. If the child has signs of violence on the body, doctors can identify this and the test may take a month but not a year, – said the lawyer.

MP Puidok argued that the law on the protection of children's rights should be promptly corrected, parents should have the right to complain, filming assemblies, verbally civil proceedings, and guaranteeing parents legal assistance, a lawyer.

In addition, according to the politician, it is necessary to define precisely what violence is, what individuals can make decisions and can work for specialists in the field of child rights. recalls that from 1 July this year to 29 October, 6434 notifications of alleged child rights violations were protected (taken from an insecure environment and / or identified as the second level of threat to the child ) – 2,344 children.

Of these, 1128 children were taken from an unsafe environment and transferred to representatives (parents or guardians) in accordance with the law without establishing a threat level for the child or the first level of threat to the child was established, 906 children have been identified as the second level of threat for the child and taken from representatives.

Of the 906 adopted children, until October 29 return – 79 children.

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