Thursday , June 1 2023

The real block blamed the questions, Geljk's anger awakened the stars "Fenerbahçe"


D. Blatter hired journalists through his teeth: "Are you kidding? I received 1000 questions in Athens and after breaking Real Madrid, you just asked me two questions?

There was no intention of stopping the Olympiakos strategy. Come on, ask questions. Do you want to know more about the geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe? I can talk about it, "he said. – Not for recording – the world is in a bunch of manure. If we have such leaders as now, then we will be in great trouble. It is a pity that Michelle Obama decided not to speak for US presidents because I would have voted for him.

Almost all Olympiakos-dominated matches have resisted the Real's storm ending and celebrated a 88:83 victory. This was the first Spanish club's failure in this Euroleague season after eight consecutive victories.

The strategist of another Euroleague leader in Istanbul, Fenerbahçe, Geljko Obradovici, was also in social networks. The legendary coach simply broke out of anger in a half-minute break, and his gaze on the most successful team player in Tel Avive, Kostas Slouka, was simply a killing.

Fenerbahçe, however, managed to return to Tel Aviv and hit a healthy fur at the end of the game – winning the 8th victory at 74:70.

On Friday in Kaunas, "Žalgiris" plays with the Moscow region "Chimki" (19.45). The Lithuanian champions watch the first victory in their market – so far the three victories have been won on the road.

In other matches, Vitoria Baskonia will play with Athens Panathinaikos, Podgorica Budočnost with Moscow Cossack and Barcelona with Milano AX Armani Olimpia.

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