Monday , September 26 2022

The sheep flew to Belarus in the Svencionys area


The incident in the village of Zeliankai was captured by its fellow citizens. The sheep came to the wall, where there were no fences, but in parallel with the wall lines fell into the section where the fence was raised.

Slightly drowned on the side of Lithuania, the sheep group went further and, at the end of the fence, returned to Belarus and soon disappeared into the forest.

Svencionys border guards have informed colleagues from the Belarusian authorities about the incident and started looking for the sheep owner. Soon it became clear that the sheep belong to the eighth and tenth-century mothers who live in a few kilometers.

She told the border guards that she could not take care of the sheep because of her health and left the herd for her luck. Border guards know a number of cases when domestic animals travel abroad, but their owners have rushed to recapture and enjoy the animals. Information on the fate of sheep from Belarus has not yet been received from Belarusian border guards.

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