Saturday , January 16 2021

As Mother Taylor Swift inspired a shouting goat in the movie "The Grinch"

Warning: There are minor spoilers for "The Grinch".

The Universal Animated Remake of "The Grinch," makes some additions and updates to Dr. Seuss's classic story, but adds some new characters including a goat that should be enjoyed.

It seems that the little guy, who appears several times throughout the movie, was inspired by the popular goat mother Taylor Swift.

"We have already done the scene where we know that Grinch would go and try to find reindeer and find Fred [reindeer]. We have already begun to build that sequence and then we have been like, "This is missing something. There is a layer of fun to have while it goes to the forest," co-director Scott Mosier told INSIDER.

"I would like to say that it was a deep, artistic, creative core, but it was YouTube," Mosier continued inspiration for the little goat. "There is a Taylor Swift remix of one of her songs with a screaming goat and we all could not help but laugh. I think it's the funniest thing in the world."

Mosier refers to the YouTube remix of Swift's 2012 play, "I knew you were embarrassed." It became viral in 2013 after a screaming goat was added to a part of the choir.

You can follow it below:

Mosier said he became an idea they had for the film, and the Illumination team started building it for the film, but they were not sure if they would make it into the final cut.

"We are heading for the first test and I was like," How do we finish the movie? "And it was that goat that screamed and we were," Let's go for it, "Mosier said.

"Originally, it was like," Okay, well, here's the end of the movie button to go through the test and see how it's going to play, "said co-director Yarrow Cheney." Probably it was the biggest laughing and just gave such energy at the end of the movie, which at that time was like, "OK, something is working here. We have to keep this."

Quite interesting, "The Grinch" is not the only animated movie this month when you see a white goat. A similar event also appears in Disney's "Ralph Breaks the Internet," the sequel "Wreck-It Ralph." So wait a minute to see a lot of animals.

You can read more of our conversation with "The Grinch" directors here. The film is now in the theater.

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