Thursday , March 23 2023

Joe Cole: English Enigma


With Joe Cole announcing his withdrawal during the week, we look at a brilliant career that would prove even better.

"It was a dream come true. Everything," Cole said in a statement announcing his withdrawal. Words that we can only help ask if everything was really as dreamy, as Cole described. The greatest honor was represented by England's jersey if he imagined his international career would stop in such an anti-climatic fashion – his last appeal being the 2010 World Cup, a selection that led to just one 2 occurrences of substitution. Had he ever dreamed of the downward spiral, he would end up in post-Chelsea, dropping out of Liverpool, West Ham and even Coventry? Definitely not, given the way it started.

After he started in West Ham's youth set, Cole made waves as a young man, making his debut at 17. He continued to lead Hammers at the age of 21 before being shot by Chelsea when Roman Abramovich's era came to life. He was diminutive, agile and extremely skilled. Part of England's "golden generation," Cole was a precious gemstone among them, and the Chelsea revolution went as fast as possible – his trophy cabinet grew. It is believed, however, that Cole is losing his essence from Chelsea. On the way, Cole was a playmaker without worry, with creativity. On his way, not so much.

As the new era began in Chelsea, the new manager did not take long to make his presence felt. "He has to have an impact on me, not on the crowd," Mourinho said of Cole, clearly looking for a reaction. Immediately, the mourinhul had an impact on the young Cole with his mind games, and though his tough love made him become a champion, and by contributing heavily to two consecutive titles of Chelsea, he was no longer the point of creative attraction who went in and the moment he went out – Cole already lost the intuition that made the game so unique.

Starting from Chelsea with a free transfer to Liverpool, Cole was announced as a coup for Anfield's side – Steven Gerrard even comparing him with a certain Argentinean. "Everything Joe can do can also do if not better," Gerrard said, comparing Cole and Messi. His time at Anfield was finally overwhelming, as he left for a small rebirth in Lille. Cole's good shape brought a recall to Anfield, but fell out of favor again and moved to West Ham, then to Villa and Coventry before the US final payment day.

In the midst of all these things is the real hood. What do we do from Joe Cole's career? Was he one of England's most talented in the 21st century, the kind of players he's now complaining about? Or was it just another "new Gascoigne" contender? The truth is said, he is both and there is none. Although it is not possible to truly identify what has happened, it is fair to say that things have changed slightly, history could have been better for him. Maybe a more "handsome" manager could have made a trick, or maybe a move to United instead of Chelsea when Sir Alex arrived. Possibilities are endless.

Whatever the reason for his unfulfilled destiny was certainly not a lack of trial. As Mourinho said later in his first season, "Joe has two faces, a beautiful one and one that I do not like, but I can improve him and he wants to learn." Everything he ever wanted to learn and learn, a.

While a little more of the beautiful face could have been better, but the three Premier League titles will surely mean that Joe Cole will not lose too much sleep over what it could have been.

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