Tuesday , May 18 2021

Martin O'Neill's waiver of a financial decision from the FAI

It is said that Martin O'Neill enjoyed a reasonable working relationship with John Delaney, but after another poor poster presented by the Irish team Monday, at Aarhus night, the size of the new substantial contract, the head of the executive in January has come to be the best reason he could still think he could get the first few games in the European Championship qualifying campaign to resume things.

Finally, the wider economy of the situation has decided things.

The reason why Delaney and the council of the association have gotten bigger is that, after a series of spectacles and really disturbing results, they no longer trusted O'Neill's ability to get Ireland to the next Europeans and it is too much to be seen to do something.

Delaney always claims that the association has no budget to do this tour, but the euro expansion to 24 teams has made the failure to qualify for this almost unthinkable. By doing it in the second round of France, thanks to a victory and a draw in the group stage, FAI received 11 million euros in participation fees and prize money. The same performance in 2020 would bring 14 million euros.

Much of it

Two years ago, bonuses and other costs consumed much of this money, and the association declared a net profit of just 4.5 million euros. O'Neill and certainly not the only ones who took advantage, but the manager has doubled his basic salary since then, it would have been expected that O'Neill's contract performance would have been reduced, and the money to return to Abbotstown would increase accordingly.

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