Wednesday , March 29 2023

PKR: Party members may be involved in cyber attacks in Julau


PKR Electoral Commission Chairman Rashid Din says an IT person is sent wherever polls are being held to monitor the situation. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: PKR members, including election commission staff, could have been involved in the "cyber attack" that appealed to the Julau elections, Sarawak, said party chairman Rashid Din.

Speaking at the FMT, Rashid said he can not rule out the possibility that cyber attack might be an internal activity, although it could have been done by foreigners.

He said that the tablets used in the electronic voting process could be activated only with the access codes provided to the election committee staff responsible for the polling station.

"If there is someone inside, how can I do it? But I'm not sure who.

"If he is an outsider, what is their agenda, if they do not do it for fun," he said, adding that until now they were not suspects.

Yesterday, Rashid said the results of the Julau polls were suspended after four of the 10 tablets used in electronic voting were compromised with an application known as "Prey" used to erase tablet data.

The JPP officer was arrested

Rashid also said a JPP officer was arrested in Sarikei after a police report was filed against him, arguing he was the leader of the Julau cyber attack.

"I do not know why he was arrested. He did nothing, he's the most important IT officer in JPP."

Rashid said those who accused the JPP offender officer were involved in a group representing some candidates.

He added that the party had sent a lawyer to participate in this case and that JPP would conduct an investigation in this regard.

When asked why JPP attributed the top IT officer to Julau, Rashid said that this was done because the committee felt Julau was a "hotspot". He said that each week of voting, senior IT officers were sent to polling stations.

I sent him there. It did not go there for fun, because if something happens on the ground, we'll have someone to solve the problem.

JPP is open to reveal tablet log files

Rashid also said that the JPP was open to reveal the dossier of the compromise tablet, as requested by the vice-president, Zuraida Kamaruddin.

We can check and reveal this. There's nothing to hide.

"We can reveal who did not vote and who voted. We can do this even without them asking."

He added that the JPP did not decide whether the polls would be resumed in Julau.

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