Sunday , May 29 2022

Bene great door for Garibay in farewell


Bullfighter Mexican Ignacio Garibay He left today near the big door by cutting his ears to every bull in his second run The great season of Plaza México, in which six bulls fought Stay lack of sensation and condition.

Garibay, who said goodbye, cut an ear on each bull, which brought her big door without any merit for him.

French Sebastián Castella cut an ear to the good bull gift that was last divided into a run that recorded half an entry.

Goodbye to Garibay he accused the environment of excessive excitement, the killer had the virtue of understanding that he had the public on his side with an attitude issued since receiving his first bull at Veronica. Taurus had a transmission and a straight-way tour through which Garibay has achieved half a round and a high quality pass.

In the rest of the pregnancy, the bull's attack was drowned until the animal was dispossessed without realizing all its qualities. He had killed the animal from half a stroke, which caused a slight ears demand which the judge considered sufficient to give the appendix.

For the first bull Gustavo Campos He put a big pair, so he welcomed the third. It will definitely be the last time this great banderillero will do it.

The other ear that he received Ignacio Garibay With the second bull, which meant for the Mexican to open the big door, he had no justification.

Neither did we kill the first, nor do anything relevant, they could do more than the effect the band in Mexico Square playing during bullfighting.

While many fans lit the lights of their mobile phones on the lines and the music sounded, the task ran between a bullfight and a free kick, preceded by blows on the bull's face to provoke the attack. There was not much to protest against the excessive prize Garibay received.

The bull race has not generally shone due to the low power of the bulls in La Estancia.

If the defense was reduced, basically more. Sebastián Castella he denied the first time since meeting with the cloak. The animal defended when attacking and the French bull brother did not want to know anything about him with the cake, only half tried with his right hand and then went straight for the rapier.

After several steel failures he used descabello with which he hit first.

Fifth afternoon, a well-presented but gentle bull, Castella He understood it, and after the statuaries had not been fully fixed, he quoted the opposite pawn by realizing an associated pitch.

Taurus came out of a fixed crate, but soon it collapsed, and the bull finished the job with free footsteps without succeeding in connecting with the lines.

Gift bull proved to be the best of bull fighting, the cat farm animal Julian Handam and it was greedy to leave.

His task Castella It was over and was under the animal. Yes, he did a great deal of nature, the best moment of fighting this bullfight in Mexico City.

Diego Silveti He faced the most courageous of La Estancia, best done, but since he left the torch, blades could be seen.

No one in the audience asked for the change of the animal, and the result was to see the bull more on the ground than jogging. With the sixth bull Silveti He got a tandem. In both he retired silently.

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