Wednesday , March 29 2023

Bitcoin price forecast



Bitcoin markets fell Friday to $ 6400. The daily candle, of course, is very tough and I think we will probably continue to go even further. At this point, it is likely that the market will continue to find sellers and sincerely Bitcoin is everywhere, but it does not go anywhere at the same time. There is no catalyst to move this market in a certain direction and the only good thing I can say is that at least we have managed to maintain the 6000 level.

If we break the downline and the eventual downward triangle, we could drop to zero. Now I really do not think that will be the case, but I think these questions are very much about Bitcoin and about cryptocrats in general. Although there has been more speculation in this part of the world, the reality is that adoption simply did not take place. There are a few uses for Bitcoin in the real world, but those uses are very remote and rare.

I also have a problem with the idea that cryptocurrency may take off, because although I think there is a certain liberalist ideal to get rid of the central banks, which certainly would argue, the reality is that the ordinary person will not do it. He will continue with what is comfortable and does not really do what is necessarily in his interest. It is about convenience and I think it is logical for central banks to adopt cryptocurrency, and some are already trying to implement them. Of course, most of them are made by smaller central banks, such as those in Hungary and the Bahamas, but we must think that the Federal Reserve follows with great interest. As soon as the Federal Reserve decides to implement cryptocracy, then I think the average consumer will use these and not bitcoin. I think this is the reason why we see a real lack of interest in this market.


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