Tuesday , January 26 2021

Digital commerce rejects traditional

* Fashion e-commerce in Mexico is going through the best

The digital era has transformed traditional trade into secondhand digital commerce, as it can reach more people with less investment, Contenidos 2.0 reported.

The company said that according to the industry report: E-commerce 2018-2019, prepared by BlackSip, the most visited sites to make purchases related to the fashion industry are: Liverpool, Mercado Libre, Amazon, Linio and Privalia .

He pointed out that Mexico's e-commerce fashion goes through all the best, being the second e-commerce fashion study in Mexico, prepared by Amvo and Elogia, noting that in 2017, 8.4 acquisitions were made online transactions up to $ 80.

Mexico's BlackSip Manager in Mexico, Juan Fernando Velez, said that "the Mexican consumer has an interesting behavior, the more promotions and benefits when buying a company will ensure buyer loyalty."

On the other hand, the company explained in a statement that there is a great potential for penetration of e-commerce in the Mexican retail industry, because in 2017 the country gained 1.70% of total sales and expects to be in 2020 2.47 percent.

He said that dates such as Hot Sale, El Buen Fin and Christmas make consumers buy video games, games and travel promotions, although expectations vary depending on the date of each year.

He exemplified that the Hot sale in 2016 had a sales increase of 33%; while in 2017 it rose to 54% and in 2018 increased considerably in several aspects, such as web traffic, which reached 161.2 million visits.

These types of events are the leaders of e-commerce purchases in Mexico, where Mexicans are more active every year. Reportage and images: Notimex

Digital commerce rejects traditional

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