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Disney wipes La Chilindrina from Wreck-it Ralph; Vanellope has a new voice


Ralph breaks the Internet-Vanellope-Disney
Picture: Disney through IMDB
  • Disney is working on the marketing campaign for Wreck-It Ralph 2 or "Ralph El Demoledor 2"

  • The first tranche of this franchise raises just over 471 million dollars.

  • For Ralph Breaks, the Internet highlights the participation of Gal Gadot.

For months Disney works in the marketing campaign at Wreck-It Ralph 2 or "Ralph El Demoledor 2" (Ralph Breaks the Internet) in a sequel that lasted a few years to consolidate, but that's done … or close.

They have already launched three trailers that have revealed many elements that will be appealing to the public; in three of them a long list of references to the wide variety of franchises owned by Disney, many, but many brands and the presence Gal Gadot as one of the runners against whom he will compete Vanellope.

However, he missed something that is important for an animated film that connects with the audience (something that is reflected in the box office. doubling the tape was not done, in fact, none of the three trailers so far are named, just subtitled.

Now they have become known the personalities that will give him the voice of a character of Ralph Breaks the Internet and, among the list of ads, highlights this Disney decided to delete Marie Antoinette de las Nieves "La Chilindrina".

This is striking because the actress who gives life to the character "El Chavo del Ocho" was the one who gave life to Vanellope's Latin version in the first film, which some of the audience liked.

However, for this second tranche, they have decided to bet on a smaller talent. The voice of the princess race car driver will be borrowed by vocal actress Liliana Barba.

They will bet on a more diverse audience

But it's not the only novelty, because Ralph Breaks the Internet, Disney is committed to the talent that will seek to connect with adolescents and young adults (not only with the child) and shows that there will be celebrities from the media and YouTube.

Thus they presented: Memo Aponte -The player of dubbing and youtuber- (Sonic), Karol Sevilla -Luna Valente in Soy Luna (Dani Fernández), Alex Montiel -Gold Scorpio- (Lee), Isabella De La Torre "The Bullet" -youtuber (Swati); Xuxo Domm -youtuber- (The Eboy) Jimena Valle "Gibby" -youtuber- (Nafisa) and Francisco Alanis "Sopitas" -comunicador- (Sabiondo).

The first installment of this franchise was a success for Disney, because although he was not so old It has reduced slightly over 471 million dollars, according to Box Office-, yes, he managed to connect with the audience, thanks to the beautiful mashup of several iconic characters in the history of video games.

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