Saturday , October 1 2022

Familiar leaves injured in the forced landing of the small plane


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – A family who traveled to her small plan He had to make a forced landing, next to the stream located in the Villa Union Union El Walamo.

The incident small plan It was recorded around 12:00.

Some workers who irrigated the chili plantations said that small plan Cessna with the XB-PIT license plate flies very little and I suspect they probably had problems when they suddenly entered the bushes.

They ran quickly to see what had happened and found a man, a woman and a child who, rightly, blew her head.

A worker transfers them to the truck at the Villa Unión hospital.

Witnesses said that the elements of the army had landed in a helicopter and lifted the appropriate pieces by withdrawing from the ground.



Until now, no emergency unit has been presented, but only the presence of the soldiers.

Nothing is known about this plane, but about the staff of the state bureau and the only research file.

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