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Growth of Hoyos in the Atlas – Reform – 11/10/2018

Ángel Hoyos sees the growth of his team and is excited about what his players showed in the final stage of the tournament, despite having won goodbye at home without a victory.

"I see an increasing Atlas, I can not say if you win, lose or attract, there are things to do, for example, the very difficult situation of the ball that did not come in, things happened so, but the team worked. I was doing then, because I was not there, which we highlighted very much is the humiliation, solidarity and weight of many adverse situations that have not been given to us. "

Atlas's technician added four games without losing and emphasized the work presented to Pachuca.

"I saw an evolution to what I was looking for, for me it was, bold, the best match that the team played individually, many of them with very high scores." The team was very supportive and kept pace with a team that is always very intense and who came from winning with a difference of six goals.

"I lost the goal, it would have been another departure from the team, but I insist, I felt very identified and very solid with the players, personally, when there is a loss of football moments, intensity, sweat and delivery, there is very positive things that I take and continuously are those growth situations, "he added.

The Argentinian Technical Director said good-bye to the press, saying that if he did not see again, he wanted a happy Christmas.

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