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Inegi records a variation of 4.56% in one year

MEXICO CITY.- National consumer price index (INPC) recorded a variation of 4.56% in the first half of November, Inegi reported yesterday.

The figure for the first half of the month represents a slowdown in consumer prices as compared to the second half of October, a period in which inflation has changed by 4.87% per year.

This percentage was the lowest level in the last 10 nights. The data was lower than expected from analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, who anticipated a price variation of 4.61%.

Overall, the core component of the index – which includes only the performance of consumer goods and services, the elimination of agricultural price volatility and pre-established rates, such as energy and transport – reached 3.63% year.

Within this component, it was noted that the increase in prices of goods and services decreased as compared to the second half of October, when the reporting variations were 3.87% and 3.39%, respectively.

The non-core component – which includes the prices of goods and services that are influenced by external factors such as the climate or international markets – had an annual variation of 7.46%, the lowest level since the first two weeks of June.

On the other hand, government-approved energy and tariffs continued to moderate their prices, accumulating three declining earnings, recording a variation of 10.58%.

Despite the observed brake in energy products, electricity was the product that contributed the most to inflation in the first 15 days of November, registering an increase of 23.39%. Green tomatoes, other peppers and tomatoes also reported biweek increases in their prices of 21.62%, 11.10% and 9.40%, respectively.

In its two-week variation, inflation increased by 0.61%, the underlying component registering a 0.19% increase, and the non-core component rose by 1.89% .- El Financiero

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