Thursday , March 30 2023

Mexican football, in the "free rope" of Cofece


The teams in League MX, from the first professional division of Mexican football, have become innocent presumed for Federal Commission for Economic Competition, which investigates them monopolistic practices in the players transfer market.

Suspicions of national club contract exchanges have increased in recent years as more players have protested and revealed details of what they have called "Knights' Pact", a kind of unwritten agreement in which it is determined which players can be signed and who are not in the summer and winter exchanges.

In an interview published this week in the newspaper The country, member of the Mexican national team and militant of Porto de la Liga, Héctor Herrera, He complained about the way the Mexicans are treated: "I think if the managers or responsible people were not so selfish … That they are trying to see for the future of the player, the Mexican national team because it involves a lot of things. do it, there will be three times more Mexicans in EuropeMexican Football He has good-quality players who can be in Europe. "

Cofece began on June 29 a survey of how players are hired by professional clubs. Investigations into the League and the Mexican Football Federation will last between 30 and 120 days, according to the agency's statement published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. The unit clarifies that the working period can be extended up to four times.

The bulletin published yesterday states that practices are considered illegal, consistent "in contracts, agreements, arrangements or combinations" between economic operators that change the market for their benefit. The third section indicates prohibited actions that "divide, distribute, allocate or impose portions or segments of a current or potential market of goods and services through determined, determinable customers, suppliers, times or spaces."


"So far, shortcomings have not been identified in the regulations on economic competition"

Thus, Cofece They have elements for the initiation of an investigation, in accordance with Articles 66 and 71 of the Federal Law on Economic Competition. The announcement "should not be understood as a prejudice of the responsibility of any economic agent", in this case, the football teams.

According to ESPN, Cruz Azul and América clubs have been informed about Coffe's investigations that have been extended to the rest of the League's teams, which have been secured – according to the television network – computer equipment provided. . An anonymous source told ESPN that for now no one can take any equipment and has already restricted the entry of new computers to the Federation. All employees of the League and FMF are the subject of this investigation, the source adds.

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