Sunday , May 22 2022

Monterrey will have the "Christmas Elections": December 23rd


MONTERREY, N.L. (capital) in New Mexico will have a "Christmas choice" because the plenary of the State Election Commission (ECE) has determined that the extraordinary process will take place on 23 December.

With the rescheduling, the new mayor and the mayoralty will file a protest by January 31, 2019, if the protests of the dissidents do not delay the final settlement of the election.

The new date of elections, close to Christmas, replaces the one on December 16th, which the ECE had initially agreed, because the State Electoral Court has agreed to abolish the Together we do history coalition, which will allow Morena, PT and PSE, who originally presented a joint candidate, now go with separate flag carriers.

The new mini-election calendar approved this Friday sets the pre-campaign between November 25 and 27 and campaigns from December 5 to December 19. Closure is scheduled from December 20 until election day.

A single debate will be scheduled between December 9 and 16, and election preference polls may be published between November 1 and December 19.

EEC has determined that the calculation and delivery session of the certificates to the winners will take place from 8am on the 26th of December until the 30th of December.

There may be a rearrangement among the candidates for the elections, although until now, Felipe de Jesús Cantú Rodíguez, from PAN, has been confirmed; Adrián de la Garza, PRI; Iván Garza, from MC; Patricio Zambrano, PT, and Pedro Alejo Rodríguez, independent. PRD announced that it is considering the possibility of establishing an alliance. And the other participants did not speak.

Aldo Fasci, independently, resigned to take ownership of the State Security Secretariat of the state.

Monterrey held the July 1 election, and the winner was singer Cantú Rodríguez. However, following successive appeals, the Supreme Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federation of Judicial Branch (TEPJF) determined, at the time the new mayor protested, to cancel the elections and replace them completely, the results because the trial was untouched .

Subsequently, the EEC agreed that the new elections would take place on December 16, provided that the same 10 candidates who participated in the initial session were registered.

However, Morena decided to disagree and be promoted to TEE to allow it to cancel the coalition that agreed with PT and PSE. The State Court gave the reason for the EEC to set a new timetable to allow parties wishing to seek other candidates and to reconstitute their alliances.

Election Day may be affected by the proximity to Christmas because many voters can not go to the ballot box to vote.

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