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Nuevo León reports 514 cases of dengue [Estados] – 11/10/2018


Monterrey, Nuevo León.- In 2018, 514 dengue cases were reported in Nuevo León, of which 300 are classical and 214 haemorrhagic, for which state health authorities have taken measures to prevent the disease.

The head of the Nuevo Leon Health Ministry, Manuel de la Cavazos, headed a fumigation campaign in the Dos Ríos district of Guadeloupe.

Anti-dandruff and fumigation campaigns are also used to prevent Zika and Chikungunya.

The official visited the streets of the colony and told his neighbors the measures to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes.

"We go home to convince and explain the importance of maintaining house cleanliness," he underlined the importance of washing, covering and toppling containers with water that can become mosquito reproduction sites.

He revealed that the Zika cases, there was only one and chikungunya, none.

O Cavazos asked citizens to collaborate with preventive measures.

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