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The International Space Station extends its lifespan at the age of 20


The International Space Station (ISS) has reached 20 years, twice as much as originally planned, with the commitment to expand their lives as much as possible, while the great powers are seeking an alternative for conquering the Moon and Mars.

"From a technological point of view, the state of ISS will allow its exploitation until 2028-30," said Yevgueni Mikrin, spokesman for the Russian energy company, the Soyuz spacecraft manufacturer. All partners participating in its construction, especially Russia and the United States, expressed their wish on the occasion of the anniversary to extend at least ten years, at least the life of the orbital platform, which has been inhabited for 18 years.

"Extending the life of the ISS is the right decision. We must continue to cooperate internationally while selling the conquest of space," said legendary astronaut Robert Cabana, director of the Kennedy Space Center.

The result of a historic agreement signed 25 years ago by Russian presidents, Boris Yeltsin and EE. UU., Bill Clinton, the station is the best example of international cooperation in space which was opened with the collapse of the Soviet Union and a good solution in times of economic crisis.

"It is a model of how we explore the cosmic space in the future. It is very expensive but goodThat for our political differences, we will continue to work together at the EE station. UU, Russia, Japan, Canada, the European Space Agency (ESA), as if we were one"Added chalet.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also joined the congratulations. He did not hesitate to describe the spatial inventiveness of the "global project" and asked to continue to use the possibilities offered by the platform to conquer other planets with equipped ships. "He showed that, despite political contradictions, economic difficulties and social change, we can work efficiently and in a coordinated manner, overcome all the difficulties and find compromises," he said in a message.

A comfortable place

The platform had two predecessors in the space race that marked the Cold War, American Skylab (1973-74) and the Soviet Mir, which began in 1986 and was uninhabited a few months before EEI received the first tenants: the Russians Krikaliov and Guidzhenko and the American Bill Shepherd.

Since then, living conditions have improved and it can even be said that saving distances, Astronauts have facilities from the gym to the library, not to mention two sanitary groups.

Looking back, NASA Deputy Head of Operations, William Gersteinmeier, pointed out that the construction of the space station was "very difficult." "Once built, I'm surprised at how much we've managed to use it. I'm not surprised she's still there, but I'm surprised by the quality of work, science, and research. We are able to track the DNA sequence of the same station, he commented.

He stressed that NASA is "very pleased" by the station and intends to use it until it finds a reliable alternative for which it will build "what they have learned through the construction of the SIS."

Recently, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine admitted thatA draft law to extend the life of ISS from 2024 to 2030 was sent to Congress, while ESA supports enlargement, but will not make a decision to the Ministerial Council next year or early 2020, explained its director, Jan Woerner.

Space tourism

Another reason for extending the station's activity is that space tourists will return in 2019 or 2020 after a ten-year bracket, which does not stop being a financial incentive. The last of them, Canadian clown Guy LaLiberté, paid $ 35 million in 2009 for an eight-day stay.

Meanwhile, both Russia and US UU. He's headed for our satellite, with Mars in the background. NASA believes that returning to the moon via a wharf station is a priority, while the Russians have set a deadline to set foot on the Moon in 2030, which the USSR could not even reach. "The Moon or Mars? First we will go to the Moon and from there to Mars," the Cabana said.

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