Friday , March 31 2023

The Prosecutor General of Justice is elected – New Day


Nuevo Día / Hermosillo, Sonora

In what constitutes a historic event in the State of Sonora and with a vote of more than two-thirds of its members, the LXII Legislature approved the appointment of the citizen Claudia Indira Contreras Cordova as State Attorney General for a period of nine years
This is the first time that the Legislative Branches designate the State Attorney General as a result of an in-depth analysis and public consultation process that generated the participation of 40 citizens.
The proposal submitted to the Plenary with the name of the new head of the Prosecutor's Office received 23 votes and voted against ten legislators, in a roll-call vote, at the suggestion of Yumiko Palomares Herrera, Miguel Angel Chaira Ortiz and Ernestina Castro Valenzuela.
The opinion contained in the Agreement submitted by the Governing and Constitutional Bodies establishes that, in accordance with the first paragraph of Section III of Article 98 of the Local Constitution, the appointment of the prosecutor was sent to the Assembly for consideration. by the executive power executive, integrated by the citizens Rafael Ramírez Leyva, Jesús Gabino Cabanillas Herrera and Claudia Indira Contreras Córdova.
On behalf of the judge, deputy Isus Alonso Montes Piña announced the procedure that took place in this sovereignty since the application for the appointment of the State Prosecutor General, with 40 citizens, was launched, to subsequently approve a list of 34 name, which was sent to the Citizens' Safety Committee.
He added that the Committee sent this list to the Governor of the State, who informed the Legislative Subjects about the three names of the citizens who were interviewed by the members of the Internal Affairs Committee on November 13th last week. and constitutional points.
The opinion stresses that shortlist members have extensive law enforcement experience and that each member's file has been thoroughly analyzed by committee members.
She adds that the citizen Conteras Cordova has expressed her interest in the criminal field throughout her career as an office officer, assistant secretary for criminal law agreements and criminal law, prior to her entry in 1999 to the Attorney General's Office Justice of the State, today the Prosecutor General of the State of Sonora.
She currently serves as Deputy Prosecutor for Feminicide and Gender Crime. During his experience in the General Prosecutor's Office, he held numerous positions as an agent of the Public Ministry in various specialties during the first half of his career in this institution.


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