Thursday , June 1 2023

The reason why Kim Cattral did not shoot Sex and City 3


United States. – A year ago, Carrie Bradshaw's fans and "Sex and the City" They were very disappointed to learn that plans to shoot a third film were canceled when there was even a scenario before Kim Cattrall's refusal to resume the role of Samantha Jones, the Cine portal reported.

At the time, it was speculated that the departure of the actress from the franchise was due to her diva's demands, which led to a media confrontation between her and the absolute protagonist, Sarah Jessica ParkerBut now new information has emerged that would put forward the decision of the first who did not participate in the project.

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The surprise that waited for himfollowers of the four friends in New York The film that was about to end the story was the death of one of the main characters: Mr. Big, Carrie's husband, who was going to die in the shower because of a heart attack in the first part of that movie that would never come .

Presenter of the Origins podcast, James Andrew Miller, was tasked to unveil this shocking news after interviewing much of the cast and also underlined this unexpected change of events as one of the reasons why Cattrall has decided to reject all offers What the tape producers made to pull it back.

Apparently, the script presented to her focused too much on her taste for the writer's famous reaction to this emotional blow and her process of coping with the loss, leaving aside the other three protagonists: Samantha, Charlotte York Goldenblatt and Miranda Hobbes.

"Some people close to Kim thought the script had little to offer in terms of Samantha's character," Miller explained.

This change of events caught Chris Noth completely by surprise, the actor who gives life to Mr. Big, which despite being removed due to a large part of the band's development, believes that at least it should have taken a step forward compared to previous films.

Personally, the veteran performer is not a big fan of the end of the first, in which Big proposes Carrie to marry a "Manolo," or second, when finally giving a ring with a black diamond. Even if he had agreed to film those scenes for the good of the whole team, the depths of this kind of "unrealistic racing" never agreed with him.

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