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This will happen on Thursday, the last full moon of the fall


The feelings of love, emotion, passion and beauty will be overloaded before midnight on Friday November 23 as a consequence of the fact that month, the queen of the stars, will be 100% enlightened and she expects this to be the last full moon of autumn.

When the hands of the clock indicate 11:30, the moon will appear full Thursday evening and will remain until Saturday morning, which means three days of enormous inspiration and romance.

Starting at 11:30, the month will be lit at 100%. | Pixabay

The last full moon was named by the northern and eastern tribes of the United States as the frozen moon, and it is understood that frosts are at the end of the season when the leaves of the trees are brown-brown before they fall to the ground.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, for its English acronym) explains that Europeans have baptized it as "The Moon Before Yule" or also Viking Christmas.

For the Nordic was a three-day winter solstice festival dedicated to family, relatives, absence of friendship and fertility.

Thursday, full moon. | Pixnio

For those interested in astrology, this full moon appears in the Gemini constellation in exact opposition to the Sun in the zero degree of Sagittarius, the constellation of the Arcaş; a square is expected with Mars in Pisces and an opposition with Jupiter and soon after with Mercury, both in Sagittarius.

Researchers believe that these quirks are related to some communication and transport conflicts.

The Last Full Moon of 2018 is expected on Christmas Eve on Saturday, December 22nd.

Enjoy the full moon!

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