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What should a person with epilepsy eat


Foods are very important, because the body receives the necessary nutrients

Foods are very important, because the body receives the necessary nutrients. However, it is even more important for people who have a disease or disorder. Therefore, it is important to know what people should suffer from epilepsy.

According to the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), epilepsy "is a change in the brain characterized by a long-term predisposition to cause epileptic seizures and because of its neurocognitive, psychological and social consequences."

Also, the Nutrition Hospital in Madrid indicates that "epilepsy is a chronic brain disorder that is characterized by involuntary and recurrent seizures due to the coupled and excessive discharge of nerve impulses from cortical neurons possibly associated with different clinical manifestations."

In addition, Madrid's Nutrition Hospital says there are other external elements that stimulate epilepsy, such as lack of sleep, excess alcohol, visual stimulation, or early awakening.

So people who suffer from epilepsy should eat certain foods that do not affect them. The Las Condes clinic emphasizes that it must carry out a special diet "based on high fat consumption and low carbohydrate consumption, so the body needs to use lipid as the first energy source."

Recommended foods are:


Our nutritionist, Fernanda Alvarado, shows that all types of cheeses are recommended for people suffering from epilepsy.

Dairy products

Our expert points out that "the recommended foods are milk and fermented dairy products such as yoghurt, kefir and jocoque."

Red meat


Our expert points out that fatty fish are the ideal choice, including sardines, salmon and fresh tuna.

Whole grains

Olive oil





Our nutritionist stresses that all people with epilepsy should take care that their diet includes "more healthy fats and proteins". According to her, this type of diet contributes to controlling the seizures of those who suffer from epilepsy, especially in the case of children, because they are the ones who suffer the greatest number of seizures. Remember that the diet should be taken with a health care professional.

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