Tuesday , January 31 2023

Ahmed Sylla (Access): "In this series, there is everything I like"


Ahmed Sylla has made a new dream. After successfully winning the comedy world, especially due to his move to Marrakech of laughter in 2016, the 28-year-old humorist created his series accession. On the occasion of broadcasting on C8, Disney Co. met him and wanted to find out more about the birth of this project.

"When I started making the scene and made a small TV, especially in We just ask to laugh [en 2011, NDLR]with my older brother, I thought it would be nice to have a series. We thought about it, but we did not find the right formula. (…) We wanted to propose something different, but we could not find it"Ahmed Sylla told us at first, but after we discovered the comedy TV show Key & Peel that he had an enlightenment: "We thought we had to offer sketches, but to tell a story. We wanted to combine them."

That was born access a project that lasted five years to mature. "I did well to wait and not rush because in this series there is everything I like and what I want to do"concluded Ahmed Sylla. accession tells the story of Yanis (played by Ahmed), an internet star just recruited to the TV show Outline and Associations, after being abandoned by his friend Tristan with whom he formed a duet. Her purpose? He shines and wins his team.

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