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Cinema. Girls of the Sun, Eva Husson: These Kurdish fighters


Making a feminine war movie, this is the ambition of director Eva Husson, with Les filles du soleil, about the fate of Kurdish fighters. A work considered "naive" by some, when others praise its courage and humanity.

The battle scenes for 25 minutes is boring! "He estimated the Cannes director, where the movie was freshly received in the spring." I want to be with the characters, "she insisted.

In the theaters on Wednesday, the Girls of the Sun evoke a topic almost never treated on the screen, at least in fiction: the fate of Yezidi women (never identified as such in the feature film) captured by jihadists, turned into sexual slaves for some, armed combatants.

A story based on real facts, which inspired this director who supports a feminist approach, faces a film industry "dominated by a white male appearance". "I think it is very important for the world to be represented as it is … with strong women who are not just victims or prostitutes," said Eva Husson, who spoke extensively with war reporters and veterans.

By attacking the war movie, after a first film about young people organizing sexual gangs (band gang), she is only interested in feminine characters and focuses on their career rather than on fights. His film follows Sergeant Bahar, played by Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani (very involved in her role) during a few days offensive against Islamists somewhere in Kurdistan in November 2015. Reflection on motherhood, struggle, the place of women, all underlined of a very (too?) music present, the film captures her heroines very carefully.

The movie "Women"

Through retrospectives and confessions with a reporter, Mathilde (Emmanuelle Bercot), the spectator discovers that before wearing a thorn, Bahar was a lawyer, married and mother. Her life was transformed by the sudden arrival of the "black men" who murdered her husband, kidnapped the child and made her a sexual slave. A reality being treated with shame, the director refusing to show some atrocities in order not to reduce the characters to the status of "victims".

She prefers to build an oed for these fighters, filming her tenacity, like that of this woman, on the threshold of her birth, running away from Islamists. In a feminine look, focusing on female representation, violence against women, sex and nudity, Eva Husson believes that such a scene would be "far removed from filmmakers.

"She claims she's very feminist, I'm not doing anything, it's a singular aspect," said Emmanuelle Bercot, also director (head of the film). "He wants to present women in their own way, not by making them beautiful, but with closures. She is like a painter with us." "Let's say you say it's a movie for women," said Thierry Frémaux, Cannes general manager, announcing the selection of the film in the competition. As expected, he deeply divided Croisette.

"On the one hand, the spotlight shines on a terrible and important story (…), on the other hand, it does so to hurt its message," wrote the Hollywood Reporter when the highly influential Indian Wire site did not predict anything less than Eva Husson's golden palm. "All the movies I've loved are clients. A movie that has a strong view, it's almost imperative that it be split," the director replied.


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