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Gims: His wife Demdem finally responds to a crazy rumor about their couple


Demdem she was not afraid of anything, she did not even ski when she was six months pregnant. As she showed in her story Instagram, this Thursday January 7, 2020, the stylist allowed herself a few runs with her husband, Gims and his brother-in-law, Dadju.Demdem too much style pregnant in six months, thank you “, she writes Instagram.

While many women pregnant you nailed in bed, Demdem he had managed to afford a full day of skiing. “JI was tired, but the mountain air doesn’t improve! (…) I am confident. Pregnancy, I don’t do it when I don’t feel it not”, continued my mother.

The opportunity for Demdem to deny again one of the craziest rumors about him: she would have, it is assumed, used a surrogate mother. “Into the more j“See how pregnant she was,” said an Internet user. “You Didn’t the surrogate mother say? joking Demdem responding to it.

In March last year, when her little girl Haby was born, Demdem he had to make it very clear that he did not resort to a surrogate mother, but simply preferred to have a discreet pregnancy.

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