Sunday , October 2 2022

Vaccination Teachers and educators will be among the priority groups


(Montreal) School and childcare staff will be among the groups to be vaccinated as a matter of priority, according to vulnerable people and health workers.

Marie-Eve Morasse
Marie-Eve Morasse
the press

DR Richard Massé, strategic medical adviser at the General Directorate of Public Health, said in a press briefing on Friday. This was a request from the teachers’ unions in the province.

“They will not be vaccinated before people in CHSLD or in nursing homes, but they will be vaccinated before people their age, in their priority group,” said Dr.R Massé, who explained that school teachers and educators are essential workers.

He said that depending on the vaccination campaign program, they could be vaccinated in early spring.

DR Massé also asked the children to be tested and not go to school if they have symptoms of COVID-19. The use of large-scale saliva tests in the school network is not, however, one of the measures considered by Quebec.

As far as schools are concerned, public health does not have a transmission threshold above which they should be closed. The level of transmission is high in the community right now, DR Massé, however, felt that the coverage that comes into force on Saturday is an additional tool to reduce this transmission.

“We recommended that schools not be closed for too long, due to the impact at the elementary level, but also at the secondary level. It is not an easy decision, it is necessary to balance the risk in the community with the effect on parents and children “, said Dr. Massé, who appreciated in an intervention in English that children are” victims “of the pandemic.

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