Sunday , May 29 2022

Video. Eid Al Mawlid: relive the candle procession in Salé


As usual, for four centuries, the city of Salé lives in the rhythm of Moussem candles in the commemoration of Aid Al Mawlid Al-Nabawi. The inhabitants of this ancestral city have revived this tradition on Monday, betraying unconditional attachment to their customs and civilization.

The Candle Procession, which left after Al Asr's prayer of the secular door "Bab Bouhaja" at the Mausoleum of Sidi Abdellah ben Hassoun, wandered through the city's main thoroughfares, where the parade was frequented by a large crowd along the procession route, marked by the participation of several popular groups across the UK. Organized under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, this event, which remains the prerogative of Salé, sinks more and more foreign visitors and tourists.

Thus, the candles were worn by men dressed in embroidered clothes that parade at a rhythm that feels the thickness of a rich history with a long tradition of Chorfas Hassouniyine. On this occasion, the coordinator of this event, Abdessalam El Bakkari, presented in a statement to the MAP, the particularity of the festivities that mark this mousem organized by Chorfas Hassouniyines for four centuries and which has religious, artistic and cultural aspects. He also pointed out that candles weighing 50 kilograms form a mosaic on wooden structures representing minarets or hives.

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In turn, Hassounyine chorfa's dean, Abdelmajid El Hassouni, underlined the importance of this event, organized this year under the sign of "Civilized Communication: a Culture of Peace", with the objective of promoting dialogue, understanding and tolerance between religions and peoples. He also explained that this tradition returns to Sultan Sultan Ahmed El Mansour Addahbi, who was very impressed during his stay in Istanbul (Turkey), through the celebrations of Eid Al Mawlid Al-Nabawi, through the candle procession .

In 990 hegirai, Salé organized his first mousem of this kind, with a procession of candles in bright colors, whose design and achievement by craftsmen craftsmen require finishing and originality. And so was Bouregreg's right bank, this prestigious and picturesque Mousem of Sidi Abdellah Benhassoun, which generations renewed each year.

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