Tuesday , January 31 2023

D66 and CU are not convinced by a new plan for Lelystad Airport NOW


D66 and ChristenUnie are not convinced by the new cabinet plan for Lelystad Airport. According to governmental parties, the new plan opens the door to airlines outside of Schiphol.

"It is not enough," says Jan Paternotte of the ruling party D66 about the new plan. Eppo Bruins of the coalition partner CU also said he was not convinced.

Lelystad has to take over the Schiphol holiday flights. An earlier proposal in this regard has not received green from the European Commission, as redistribution is not in line with European directives. The fact that an airline has not previously flown to Schiphol should not be a reason for Lelystad airport to deny this company.

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure) has now sent a new plan to Brussels. He says companies moving from Schiphol to Lelystad will have priority in distributing the first 25,000 take-offs and landings from Lelystad.

Paternotte: "Nothing changes for us"

Bruins wonders how the Minister wants to comply with the House's wishes with the new plan. "I do not see the mouse hole yet." Lelystad is designed to take over the Schiphol holiday flights and is not allowed to develop independently. The new plan opens the door to the airlines outside of Schiphol.

D66 and ChristenUnie want Lelystad to be used only for holiday traffic from Schiphol. "Nothing changes for us," says Paternotte. As long as there is no answer from Brussels, he does not want to take irreversible measures and no decision is made on the opening of Lelystad.

It will take a few months before Brussels responds to the new proposal.

Companies are allowed to fly to all destinations as planned

Under the new plan, airlines can fly to all destinations in Lelystad, provided they fit "within airport infrastructure". Destination list is deleted. In a previous plan, they were only allowed to fly to holiday destinations.

The new plan also provides that the free space at Schiphol can only be used for flights with more than 10% switches.

The opening of Lelystad has already been postponed twice and is now planned for 2020. In the surrounding provinces there is great resistance to enlargement. There is fear of noise pollution.

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