Saturday , August 13 2022

do not buy the police in the field of information and communication technology in China Outback –


The Netherlands should not buy the new police communications and emergency services in China. This would make Chinese spies very easy, according to VVD and GroenLinks.

The largest ruling party and the second largest opposition party point out that China is spying strangely and even considered one of the main outbreaks of industrial espionage. Therefore, the Dutch intelligence services also oppose the referral to Hytera Chinese, Zembla previously reported.

The cabinet must overturn the offer for the new C2000 system, according to GroenLinks and VVD. The fact that Hytera is cheaper is not the decisive factor.


Member of Parliament, Kathalijne Buitenweg (GroenLinks), asks the government to "be less naive" and "not to make us unnecessarily vulnerable." Make this kind of important shopping elsewhere. "" His VVD colleague Antoinette Laan-Geselschap " they should not believe that police, ambulances and firefighters can not communicate with each other because the system has been closed by the Chinese. "

The Ministry of Justice and Security is working on introducing the new C2000 for several years. The old is no longer enough. Minister Ferd Grapperhaus says he must be wary of not bringing a Trojan horse to the new system and insisting he will not get ice overnight. He points out that, among other things, it allows external researchers to analyze the safety of the system and also consults the AIVD. But for the moment, he sees no reason to break with Hytera, as the Netherlands did with the Russian Kaspersky.

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