Thursday , March 23 2023

Europe enjoys Orange's historic performance: "Beautiful Tulips"


Orange's excellent performance against France has not gone unnoticed. The English, Spanish, Belgian and Italian newspapers unite together: this orange is growing and gave historical performance.

"There were many remarkable players from the Dutch team, including De Jong, Depay and Denzel Dumfries. But despite losing, Lloris was fantastic for the world champion," he writes Sky Sport. "France has to thank the shepherd with a brilliant salvation after the other. Finally, a special punishment was needed to beat him."

tabloid The daily mirror In particular, he praised the way Virgil van Dijk and Matthijs de Ligt have kept their own face to world stars, such as Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé. "Delegation and calm: Van Dijk was what Liverpool fans have imagined. France has an incredible number of offensive talents, not to mention one of the fastest and most dynamic attackers in the moment: Kylian Mbappé.

"But if you think a world striker when you bring the defender in trouble, think again." Van Dijk clarified a lot in the back, the defender working well with his mate Matthijs de Ligt, they have a lot of qualities and they understand Van Dijk not only was in a defensive position, but he also had some headlines.

And in Spain, people praise the performance of the Netherlands, which is historically mentioned. "In the temple where fifteen matches were not lost, France was hit after sixteen matches," the newspaper writes. mark. The Dutch team faced the heavy task of keeping Germany and France ahead in the League of Nations. "No one believed in them, but the beautiful tulips were more radiant than ever."

Mundo Deportivo writes that FC Barcelona scouts have received cash in De Kuip. "Barcelona's scouts have scored, and De Ligt and De Jong have made it happen, like Jasper Cillessen, who does not seem to be bothered by Barcelona's backup bottle." Ten minutes later, he prevented Antoine Griezmann 0-1.

"Despite their enormous age, De Ligt (19) and De Jong (21) did not get a higher heart beat." De Ligt showed his enormous speed ahead of Mbappé, but De Jong did not hesitate to enter the game with Matuidi and Kanté, he has a lot of quality, he can organize himself and sacrifice himself, but if he has to work, he does that too, and that for someone who is only 21 years old.

Also in Belgium a lot of praise for Orange. Last news speaks of a Dutch football team "a fresh girl" who "dreams of Final Four in the League of Nations". "The Netherlands has shown itself more clearly in duels and has repeatedly hit the French in the tours. Les Bleus he did not know how to make arrows and could hardly threaten. The Belgians see that they are pleased that the Dutch team seems to be back. "After years of misery and pain, they can come back to the streets with our northern neighbors.

"Oranje returns after winning against France's world champion," headlines Het Nieuwsblad. The environment focuses mainly on rebirth from the Dutch national team under Ronald Koeman. "Since Koeman took over as Dick Advocaat's head coach in February, Orange is crawling from a deep valley, among others, disappearing the World Cup. In eight international matches, Koeman has only lost twice.

La Gazzetta dello Sport writes that France must hope that "the great children of Ronald Koeman" will fail against Germany. "His hope Les Bleus will be dropped considerably, given the quality that Orange has shown. "Italian newspapers write about an" excellent De Roon "and a" De Jong indispensable. "" The Dutch team played with confidence, put pressure very precise and offered a double coverage, although it was not necessary because France did not even see the ball. "

Fit La Reppublica taught the "young Dutch world champion", and the world champion had to thank the goalkeeper Hugo Lloris that the result was not bigger. "France was very dangerous in the face, despite the presence of players like Mbappé and Griezmann. It was a different matter in the Koeman attack, which was intelligently orchestrated in the middle of the field by the growing star De Jong.

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