Sunday , May 22 2022

It advocates reporting royalties and compulsory vaccination against rhinovirus in meat



Slagharen's Herman Koorman Dealer and his veterinary surgeon Bert Wichers support the mandatory vaccination of horses against rhinovirus. According to them, there is also a reporting obligation, so that everyone in the sector is informed of an outbreak in time. The trader was recently forced to finish a horse on his farm after being infected.

Horse rhinovirus has different variants. Especially the aggressive neurological variant is dangerous and can lead to the death of an infected horse. The aggressive form is relatively common this year. Koorman and Wichers say that a horse owner does not have to report an infection today. They think it should come especially for the aggressive neurological variant so that the infection can be better controlled.

Wichers and Koorman are also in favor of mandatory vaccination. This does not prevent contamination chances for 100%, but for a large part, says Wichers. "Costs are less than EUR 50. If it is mandatory, horse owners will not be tempted to give up a vaccination for cost reasons.

The Horse Sector Council does not want to comment on mandatory reporting and vaccination. The organization notes that the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality sees no reason to do so. The Dutch Horse Dealers Association opposes the reporting of taxes and vaccination. Manege and Ruiterbond also reject it. According to the organization, vaccination is considerably more expensive than 50 euros per year and costs almost 200 euros. Also, the system is not waterproof. For a reporting obligation, it also applies that it is difficult to verify that it is duly respected.

source: De Stentor, 15/11/18


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