Tuesday , March 9 2021

Just a break for health workers because of working pressure

The workload in homes for nursing and home care and home care is so high that half of the healthcare workers in this sector can not take a break of tea or coffee. They also make extra hours in their extra hours without being paid for it.

These conclusions are drawn by the FNV Zorg & Welzijn syndicate after a poll. They have researched work pressure in the sector, asking more than 2,000 employees for their experiences and seeing whether collective agreements have been upheld.

There is no break, working inside the ANP

Take responsibility

Maureen van der Pligt, FNV director Zorg & Welzijn, is not satisfied with the results. "We call for employers to take responsibility." Clear agreements have been reached in this current collective labor contract A collective labor contract applies not only to employees but also to employers.

The unionist believes that because of the high volume of work, people can not or can not be interrupted and are disturbed by this. "It's not just annoying for employees, but it is totally painful when you think that care charges take into account the pause that has been paid." Employers pay compensation for this, while employees work in their own time.

Break and travel time

Care workers are entitled to a legal break after 5.5 hours. FNV concludes that the break can not be interrupted at this time. 87% of respondents face problems in this respect. And if there are already breaks, they are not paid or are not paid in full while this has been recorded.

Not only the breaks but also the policy on travel time compensation are criticized by FNV. They have received many complaints about travel time from customer to customer who has household care or community care staff. This travel time, many home care workers often see incomplete or not at all on the payroll, while they are entitled to this. According to the union, employers would not deliberately respect the agreements.

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