Tuesday , June 28 2022

Lieke plays for Cupid in Undress For Love


Student Florian quickly shows interest in Pemm in the program of nothing. "I like when they have no pubic hair," says Florian to Lieke, who finds that the women she can choose are chelated from below.

Pemm is a fan of Justin Bieber and is studying medicine. He is currently in the second year and is active in water skiing. She is also a real person in the morning. "Nowadays I do not have curtains, so it's great to wake up with sunrise," she says. In addition, Pemm shared the bed with two people. "Well, that's very nice," Lieke said.

When it's time for a speeding meeting, it seems that Florian and Pemm are seeing each other. Pemm's sport is very appealing to Florian. He also agrees to keep up to date. Immediately afterwards, it is announced that Pemm also voted for Florian. This "Swiss" seems interesting to her. "A beautiful mother-in-law, too," she says. Florian becomes obviously shy and laughs.

Backstage Pemm and Florian are seen for the first time in their clothes. And this is a good taste. "I liked the fact she was wearing a blouse," says Pemm.

In Undress for Love, six singles expose themselves literally in search of love. Undress for Love is featured every Monday at 20:30 at RTL 5. The episode of yesterday missed? Then, view it here.

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