Monday , October 18 2021

Manchester City has no pity with Sjachtar after a ghost punishment


Manchester City is almost certainly a seat in the eighth finals of the Champions League. England's national champions had no problems with Sjachtar Donetsk in group F for their own audience, although in the first half they also received help from the referee: 6-0.

City, where the former PSV player Oleksandr Zintsjenko received a starting point from coach Pep Guardiola, took control of the first minute and took the lead within fifteen minutes through David Silva. The Spaniard approached a brilliant action of Riyad Mahrez.

Still, it was mainly about the purpose of the second purpose. Raheem Sterling suddenly went to the ground on his way to the Ukrainian goal. Referee Victor Kassai suspected a violation of Mykola Matvijenko and gave a punishment to surprise everything and everyone, including Guardiola and the English bank. Sterling kicked his foot into the ground.

Gabriel Jesus, however, did not take the opportunity and shot in 2-0. With it, the resistance was completely broken and in the second half of the city it was simply 6-0 through Sterling, Mahrez and two other goals from Jesus.

Lyon leaves the victory to join the ten men

With nine points, Manchester City is as good as the second round. Olympique Lyonnais has the best works to accompany English, although their starting position could have been even more pink.

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